Yes on H "We're Democrats"

District Attorney Chesa Boudin is telling you we're racist, anti-Chinese, Republican billionaires, but the truth is we are proud Democrats and Progressives uniting together to recall Chesa now. He's failing to do his job, and San Francisco deserves better.

Yes on H "Jason"

After Jason's six-year-old son was shot and killed, Chesa Boudin failed to deliver justice to his family. A father in mourning, Jason believes Chesa fails to hold people accountable. He regrets voting for him in 2019 and joins the call to recall Chesa Boudin now — before other families have to speak out. Yes on H, recall Chesa Boudin now.

Yes on H "Prosecutors"

Over 55 prosecutors have resigned from the District Attorney’s office in protest because Chesa Boudin is intervening in too many cases, creating disarray in the office. Chesa Boudin simply can’t do the job of a D.A. and he’s failing all of us. We can’t wait until the next election. Recall Chesa now.

Yes on H "Mrs. Abe"

On New Year's Eve, Hanako Abe was killed by a drunk driver while she was crossing the street. That driver was repeat offender Troy McAlister, whom Boudin released early while he was facing a possible life sentence. In the months that followed his early release, McAlister was arrested four more times and never charged. This culminated with the high-speed crash that killed Hanoko and Elizabeth Platt. If Chesa held McAlister accountable, Hanako and Elizabeth would be alive today. Mrs. Abe has met with Chesa personally, felt dismissed, and now feels strongly that he should be recalled.

Yes on H "Lorrie French"

Ed French was killed on Twin Peaks one morning while taking pictures of the city he loved. The previous District Attorney was ready to prosecute his killers, but when Chesa Boudin took office, he fired the prosecutor assigned to the case. And it has languished ever since. Recall Chesa now - he is failing too many families.

Yes on H "David and Sherree"

Emma Hunt was killed in the Tenderloin, and even though it was all caught on video, Chesa Boudin chose not to prosecute the case. In their own words, the grieving parents believe Chesa thought she was “just another Tenderloin druggie and not a person.” Chesa Boudin is failing too many families.

Yes on H "Asian Hate"

Since Chesa Boudin was elected, hate crimes against Asian Americans have risen over 500%. Rong Xin Liao was waiting, sitting for the bus when a man brutally attacked him. Even though it was caught on camera, the District Attorney’s office let the man who attacked him walk free. Grandpa Vicha was on his morning walk when someone violently ended his life. Our Asian American communities can’t wait one more day to feel safe. Recall Chesa Boudin now.

Yes on H "Drug Dealers"

Despite the fact that there is an open-air drug market in the Tenderloin and other neighborhoods, and that more residents died of drug overdoses than COVID-19, District Attorney Chesa Boudin has done almost nothing to prosecute and address the drug-dealing crisis in San Francisco. Too many small business owners are closing down their businesses in the mid-market, downtown area because of this open-air drug dealing. We won't be able to get San Francisco back with Chesa Boudin in office – drug dealers have to be held accountable. Vote Yes on H – recall Chesa Boudin now.

Yes on H "Kit"

Translation: "Nothing is more important to me than keeping my family safe, happy and healthy. San Francisco is our home. But Chesa Boudin’s failed policies are hurting all of us. Anti-Asian hate and violence continue to rise. Our elders don’t feel safe because drug dealers, violent criminals, and thieves are back out on the street. Chesa Boudin is failing to do his job, and he’s not keeping us safe. Recall Chesa Boudin now. Yes on H!"

Yes on H "Shirin"

Under the previous District Attorney, Shirin prosecuted car break-ins, earning her the title "Queen of the Car Break-ins" by The San Francisco Chronicle. But when Chesa Boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and prevented her from collaborating with the police on these cases. It's no surprise why these crimes are on the rise and criminals are flocking to San Francisco.

Yes on H "Michelle"

Michelle is a doctor here in San Francisco who regularly treats domestic violence victims. She never thought she'd become a victim herself. But after her husband was arrested, the District Attorney dismissed the charges. Chesa Boudin chooses to only prosecute 14% of domestic violence cases. Chesa blames everyone else, but he's the one putting abusers back on the street. #RecallChesa now. Yes on H.