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San Francisco Democrats Agree:
YES on H - Recall District Attorney Chesa Boudin June 7th

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We all agree that we need real criminal justice reform, public safety, and police accountability now. Chesa Boudin is failing us on all counts.
Read the case against Chesa here.

Why Recall Chesa Boudin Now?

Chesa Boudin is failing to keep San Franciscans safe. Criminals know they will be let off the hook without consequences. As car break-ins, burglaries, and overdoses reach a crisis level in San Francisco, Boudin’s refusal to hold serial offenders and drug dealers accountable is putting more of us at risk. In his first year in office, burglaries spiked by 49%, and 84% of charged perpetrators were back on the streets within two days.

Almost half of San Francisco’s prosecutors have resigned from the District Attorney’s office in protest over Chesa Boudin’s mismanagement, threats to withhold evidence, decisions to hand down lenient sentences or not press charges, and release violent criminals early. Until we recall Chesa Boudin, more and more prosecutors will continue to leave. He can’t even do the job.
Enough is enough. We can’t wait until the next election. Recall Chesa Boudin now.
Mary Jung
Democratic Activist & Community Leader
“As the former Chair of the San Francisco Democratic Party, I cannot remain silent while the District Attorney fails to do his job.

His failure has directly resulted in increased crime against Asian Americans. The number of anti-Asian crimes has increased more than six-fold, but he is refusing to prosecute violent attacks as hate crimes and has allowed perpetrators to get away with only misdemeanor charges. This leaves AAPI communities in San Francisco injured, traumatized, and in danger of further attacks.”

Andrea Shorter 
Advocate & Community Leader
“I have lived in San Francisco for 30 years, served on the San Francisco Commission on the Status of Women for 20 years, and dedicated my life to supporting and protecting women, especially victims of domestic violence.

Domestic violence cases in San Francisco are rising under Chesa Boudin, yet he has chosen to prosecute only 14% of cases, leaving the vast majority of domestic violence victims and their children vulnerable to their abusers who are allowed to remain on the streets.”

Brooke Jenkins
Career Prosecutor
“The safety of San Francisco is dependent on recalling Chesa Boudin now.  He refuses to uphold his duty to protect public safety and has failed at managing the San Francisco DA’s office.  He has placed the rights of criminal offenders over victims and has failed to hold offenders accountable or require them to meaningfully engage in rehabilitative programming.

It’s why nearly HALF of the prosecutors have resigned from the office. They have lost trust and have felt unable to serve victims or the community adequately.

I am one of them. I first served under George Gascon and saw firsthand what a real progressive prosecutor can accomplish. Gascon created programs that helped people. Boudin hasn’t created a single program in two years. Instead, he is dismantling them.”
Tom Wolf
Recovery Advocate & Tenderloin Neighborhood Leader
“Fentanyl has killed hundreds of San Franciscans since Chesa Boudin took office, yet he hasn't pursued a single felony drug dealing case. Instead, he sends dealers to drug courts, where they face little to no consequences and are able to get right back to selling on the streets.

It’s not progressive when repeat violent offenders aren’t held accountable or when drug dealers are allowed back on the street to profit and prey on the vulnerable. We must recall Chesa now.”

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Don’t be fooled.

Chesa Boudin’s campaign wants you to believe this is a “Republican” effort, but make no mistake. Over 83,000 San Franciscans signed the petition to recall Chesa now — that’s nearly 1 in 6 registered voters. 83% of our donors are Dem or NPP with over 80% of donations coming from local San Franciscans. Lifelong Democrats are leading this effort, but this is not about politics, it’s about making San Francisco safer for all of us.