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District Attorney Chesa Boudin
Chesa Boudin is failing to keep San Franciscans safe. As car break-ins and burglaries reached a crisis level in San Francisco, Boudin’s refusal to hold serial offenders accountable is putting more of us at risk. If you haven’t been a victim of a car or home break-in in the past year, chances are great that you know someone who is a victim. Property crimes are rampant. Enough is enough.
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We are a diverse coalition of community leaders, small business owners, activists and parents, who are joining together to help make San Francisco safer. This isn’t about politics, this is about our communities. We simply can’t wait two years until the election.
For the sake of keeping our streets and neighborhoods safe, Chesa Boudin must go NOW.
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Andrea Shorter 
Advocate & Community Leader
David Troup & Kenny Lin
LGBTQ Community Leaders & Neighborhood Activists for Affordable Housing
Dena Aslanian-Williams
Small Business Owner, 45-Year Westside Resident & Advocate
Kevin O'Shea
LGBTQ Community Leader & Public Safety Advocate 
Leanna Louie 
AAPI Community Advocate, Small Business Owner, Mom & Veteran
Mary Jung
Democratic Activist & Community Leader
Michele Bell
Community Artist, Parent & Small Business Owner
Paulina Fayer
28-Year Resident, Public Safety Advocate, Community Volunteer
Tom Wolf
Recovery Advocate & Tenderloin Neighborhood Leader

We all agree that we need real criminal justice reform and police accountability now.

Chesa Boudin isn’t delivering on either priority.

Burglaries, car break-ins, homicides and overdose-related deaths are at a crisis level.

Boudin is not keeping San Francisco safe.

He refuses to adequately prosecute criminals and fails to take drug dealing on our neighborhood streets seriously. He doesn’t hold serial offenders accountable and has released them from custody without consequences. Boudin’s response to victims? “Hopefully” home burglaries will go down.

Boudin said he wouldn’t prosecute “victimless” DUI offenses,

and he failed to charge a repeat offender who then killed two pedestrians on New Year’s Eve while driving intoxicated in a stolen car.

Boudin has the wrong priorities.

He promised to take sexual assault cases seriously. Instead Boudin asked sexual assault survivors about making amends with their own attackers and offered them a chance to win a tote bag.

Boudin hasn't even kept his own word on reforms.

Three people died in interactions with police, and Boudin failed to prosecute any officers involved.

San Franciscans support and want real criminal justice reform.

San Franciscans are also smart enough to know that smart criminal justice reform doesn’t happen at the expense of public safety.

San Franciscans have a right to expect that their District Attorney will promote and uphold public safety.

San Franciscans know that Chesa Boudin is failing to keep us safe.

Recalling someone should not be taken lightly, but San Francisco can’t wait two more years for public safety and to fix our criminal justice system.

Chesa Boudin must go – NOW.

Help make San Francisco safer by joining our effort to recall District Attorney Chesa Boudin.

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